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A message from our sponsors

July 26, 2011

The main national funding body for science and engineering in the UK is The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, or EPSRC. Recently there have been some important changes announced via their website. (Whether there was any other warning about these changes I do not know — I confess to having rather taken EPSRC for granted.) Rather than giving my opinion about the changes, which will be obvious, I thought I’d let EPSRC speak for itself: I think that what they are doing should be widely publicized, and in this post I shall restrict myself as much as I can to quoting from their website, with a few words of explanation here and there to make the context clear. If you have time, I recommend visiting and exploring the website itself, and seeing what you can deduce about EPSRC’s attitude to mathematics.

A quick disclaimer: though I imagine that my implied opinions are widely shared, I am writing this in a personal capacity and without the endorsement of anybody else.