I am testing the WordPress feature that allows me to moderate all comments before allowing them to appear. This has nothing to do with the discussion on the last post. Rather, I want to be sure that the feature works before my next post, where it will be important for people to comment without seeing what others have said. So if someone could make a quick comment on this post, that would be helpful. Once I’m sure the feature is working, I’ll put up the post for which it matters.

In an ideal world, I would use the feature just for that post. However, as far as I can tell, my only options are allowing all comments, moderating all comments, or disabling comments completely on individual posts. Sending comments to the moderation queue on a post-by-post basis doesn’t seem to be possible, but if anyone knows a way, then I’d be very pleased to hear about it. Assuming there isn’t a way, then for a short while, all comments on this blog will be moderated, but I will try to approve comments on other posts regularly, so I hope this won’t be too annoying.

Update. Good job I did this test. I changed the relevant setting but didn’t click “Save settings”. Hence the three comments below.

Further update. OK, now it seems to be working just fine. Many thanks to those who sent test comments. I’ll put up the new post later this evening (British time).

22 Responses to “Test”

  1. Gil Kalai Says:

    A quick comment on this post: I am trying to guess your answer

  2. gowers Says:

    It occurs to me that I can leave a comment myself and see what happens.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    quick comme nt #1

  4. gowers Says:

    OK here’s another try.

  5. Günter M. Ziegler Says:

    Here’s another test reply!
    Best, Günter

  6. gowers Says:

    And another. I’ll be really annoyed if this comment appears.

  7. gowers Says:

    OK, I’m annoyed. What am I supposed to do to get comments to go to my moderation queue? I’ve set it so that they go there if there are 0 or more links.

  8. Tristram Wyatt (@TristramWyatt) Says:

    test comment – thanks for Cost of Knowledge.

  9. gowers Says:

    Ah, I think it may be working now.

  10. talithin Says:


  11. gowers Says:

    It seems that the blog assumes, quite reasonably, that I approve of my own comments. But I now have a couple of test comments safely in the moderation queue where I want them. Many thanks!

  12. Gil Kalai Says:

    7 comments in 6 minutes, looks unstoppable 🙂 seriously change the setting/comments you will be able to change it back later.

  13. notmygravatar Says:

    Then this is a good opportunity for me to ask you for a series of posts you once made about how to write proofs? A (Combinatorics/Graph Theory) teacher of mine pointed us to this blog and said you had a good series of posts about writing proofs. Do you know the posts? I’m not sure what to search on to find them, could you provide me a link? Thanks.

  14. Stephen Luttrell Says:

    This is not a comment.

  15. Gerhard Paseman Says:

    Even though you seem confident about operating the feature, here is one more comment to approve/deny/use as you see fit.

    The Masked Avenger.

    • Gerhard Paseman Says:

      A reply to my first comment on this thread. I can see it with the added phrase about it awaiting moderation.

      The Other Masked Avenger.

  16. Joel Says:

    This is a test comment on this post

  17. Joel Says:

    On my blog, I moderate the first comment from a given poster. But once I have approved one comment from a person, all of the rest of their comments appear without moderation.

  18. Alexis Says:


  19. A.Q. Says:

    You asked for it.

  20. William Tanner Says:

    Couple of test comments safely in the moderation queue where I want them. Many thanks! Divide the Youth Hoodie

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