Status update

I would not normally edit my own Wikipedia page, but there was an inaccuracy I felt strongly about. I hope that Quomodocumque will understand.

24 Responses to “Status update”

  1. Anonymous Rex Says:


  2. Ryan O Says:

    Congratulations to you and your wife!

  3. Alon Says:


  4. Michael Nielsen Says:

    Congratulations! (And a great way to make an announcement. Wonder if your edit will be reverted by an editor who wants a verified source?)

  5. JSE Says:

    Now that is oblique.

  6. Nicholas Says:

    JSE, that is italic.

  7. Michael Cadilhac Says:

    Congrats! And apart from a professor of mine who made a point to always announce the name of his newborn child with a lengthy (and bad) pun, this is the best such announcement I’ve ever seen.

  8. Kristal Cantwell Says:


  9. sisn Says:

    Congratulations! – Hope child and mother are well!

    (At last we now know why my favourite blogger was so inactive the last month)

  10. Rea Says:

    and don’t forget, algebra for babies is allowed only after the first 2 months… 🙂

  11. peaches en regalia Says:

    Wow, many congratulations!

  12. harrison Says:

    Amusingly, someone added a citation on the Wikipedia page pointing to this very blog post, which is all kinds of self-referential. (I’m not helping that situation with this comment, either.)

    And congratulations!

  13. amirs Says:

    -amir saeidy

  14. Christian Says:

    So you can full time concentrate on parenting now, while the rest of the world needs to catch up with studying your recent paper written with Conlon in detail.


  15. Terence Tao Says:


  16. Klas Markström Says:


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations to a very prolific mathematician.

  18. Koundinya Vajjha Says:

    Congtatulations Mr.Gowers!!

  19. Diaaeldin Taha Says:


  20. observer Says:

    Professor Emeritus Lowell J. Paige died on his birthday in
    Carmichael, Calif., on Dec. 10. He was 91.

  21. Elohemahab Says:

    May all your troubles be little ones again.

  22. science and math Says:

    Good luck for your life Prof. Timothy. 🙂

  23. yingjen Says:


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Timothy Gowers what are your kids names?

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