Online mathematics finally takes off …

… or does it?

9 Responses to “Online mathematics finally takes off …”

  1. Alexander Kruel Says:

    For anyone who wants to learn mathematics online:

  2. Chandan Singh Dalawat Says:

    The universities should try it out too!

  3. boupinel Says:

    “It’s really good because when you’re in class doing maths, you don’t really want to pay attention because the teacher’s right in front to you,” says Aliyyah.


    I hadn’t heard that before. Shocking. Or is it me who doesn’t get it?

  4. david Says:

    I don’t understand. What is the problem that they’re trying to solve? If it’s just a question of paying less for the teaching then they’re surely making compromises on the kind and quality of it. If it’s that the kids cannot focus for some reason, isn’t the direct solution to engage their attention in a classroom setting rather than devise roundabout methods, like a 1-1 session with a teacher? It is certain that the kids have to eventually grow out of the 1-1 session habit. This being the case, why bother appealing to it in the first place?

  5. porton Says:

    “To take off” is too multivalued. What do you mean?

  6. E.L. Says:

    “Online mathematics finally takes off …”

    Only if you live in India.

  7. amysgo Says:

    A good question? 🙂

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I find I learn more in less time in a one on one session than in a classroom. Also some teachers can be quite dull or uninterested in the subject they are teaching so being guided by an enthusiastic tutor would make learning a lot more fun. I think its a brilliant idea in principle though politically impossible to widely implement. It would be difficult even if the tutors were from the UK.

  9. observer Says:

    Hi Prof. Gowers,
    It is not clear if all open problems can be found online. E.g., Erdos miniature: There are no solutions in natural numbers greater than one of
    x^x y^y = z^z if x, y are relatively prime.

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