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ICM2010 — first impressions

August 18, 2010

I’m writing this post from a hotel room in Hyderabad at 3.20pm, trying to stay up for exactly the right length of time to deal with any jet lag I might have: stay up too little and I’ll wake up tomorrow morning at 4am and be unable to get back to sleep and will then still have the problem to deal with tomorrow; stay up too much and instead I’ll be woken tomorrow by my alarm and will desperately not want to get up, which would be bad as then I would miss the bus that will take me to the International Convention Centre for the opening ceremony of ICM2010. By the intermediate value theorem, there must be an optimal time to collapse into bed (given data such as the time change and the small bits of sleep I snatched between London and Dubai and between Dubai and Hyderabad). Unfortunately, I don’t know how to work it out.

So I’m guessing about 6.30pm, which would allow me to sleep for twelve hours and still comfortably make the bus. And to keep myself awake for the next three hours I plan to write this post and complete another more mathematical one that I started a few days ago. And over the next few days, if I can find the time, I thought I might write a traditional-style ICM blog. After all, for every one of the many mathematicians who are here there are dozens who are not. Perhaps some of those would have liked to come but couldn’t quite face organizing a trip all the way to Hyderabad. And perhaps some of those wouldn’t mind being kept in the loop, so to speak. (more…)