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Could anything like Deolalikar’s strategy work?

August 13, 2010

This post comes with the same warning as my previous one: my acquaintance with the ideas of Deolalikar’s paper is derived not from the paper itself (apart from a glance through it to get some kind of general impression) but from some of the excellent commentary that has been taking place on the blogs of Dick Lipton and Scott Aaronson. One comment that many people, including me, have found very useful has been one of Terence Tao, who attempted to summarize the state of the discussion up to the time he made the comment. Here is a portion of his summary.

The paper introduces a property on solution spaces, which for sake of discussion we will call “property A” (feel free to suggest a better name here). Formally, a solution space obeys property A if it can be efficiently defined by a special family of LFP formulae, the monadic formulae (and there may be additional requirements as well, such as those relating to order). Intuitively, spaces with property A have a very simple structure.
Deolilakar then asserts
Claim 1. The solution space to P problems always obey property A.
Claim 2. The solution space to k-SAT does not obey property A.

The latest from Dick Lipton’s blog seems to be that Neil Immerman has identified two serious flaws with Deolalikar’s proof. However, Tao, commenting on that, has pointed out that Deolalikar’s general strategy has not yet been shown to be hopeless in the way that, say, an attempted natural proof would have been shown to be hopeless by Razborov. In this post, I’d like to argue that it might be hopeless. I’m not sure I can say what that means in the abstract, so let me just give the argument. (more…)