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EDP16 — from AP-discrepancy to HAP-discrepancy?

July 4, 2010

In this post I want to elaborate on a strategy for proving EDP that I discussed in EDP15. Briefly, the idea is to take a representation-of-identity proof of Roth’s AP-discrepancy result and modify it so that it becomes a representation-of-diagonal proof of unbounded HAP-discrepancy.

The first step of this programme was an obvious one: obtain a clean and fully detailed proof in the APs case. That has now been completed, and a write-up can be found here. For the benefit of anyone who is interested in thinking about the next stage but doesn’t feel like reading a piece of formal mathematics, let me give a sketch of the argument here. That way, this post will be self-contained. Once I’ve given the sketch, I’ll say what I can about where we might go from here. It is just possible that we are in sight of the finishing line, but that is unlikely as it would depend on various guesses being correct, various potential technical problems not being actual, various calculations giving strong enough bounds, and so on. Thus, the final part of this post will be somewhat speculative, but I will make it as precise as I can in the hope that it will give rise to a fruitful line of enquiry. (more…)