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EDP10 — a new and very promising approach

March 2, 2010

From time to time, there has been an input into this project that has given rise to a burst of optimism (on my part anyway). Perhaps the first was the rapid discovery of very long sequences with low discrepancy, and especially the fact that these sequences had interesting structure to them. (The length led me to hope that the conjecture might be false, or at the very least that it might be possible to construct sequences with extremely slow-growing discrepancy, and the structure led me to hope the opposite.) I’m probably forgetting a few things, but the next one I remember is Terence Tao’s amazing observation that we could restrict attention to multiplicative functions if we were prepared to change the problem very slightly. We then discovered (though we sort of knew it anyway) that multiplicative functions are not easy objects to understand …

Since I posted EDP9, there has been a development that has radically changed my perception of the problem, and I imagine that of anyone else who is following closely what is going on. It began with this comment of Moses Charikar. (more…)